Environmental Program
Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz Environmental Program Public Source Documents

environmental stewardship and cultural preservation

The natural environment is a key asset to the mission of Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz. Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz will implement good stewardship principles to protect Guam's environmental resources. Camp Blaz will incorporate compliance, best management practices, and consider the interests of the local community into mission execution. 

To this end, Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz will always strive to protect and preserve the land, water, air, and cultural resources within our cognizance by doing the following with transparency:
• Complying with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and policy
• Implementing pollution prevention through source reduction and recycling
• Conserving natural resources and preserving cultural resources
• Implementing sustainability initiatives
• Minimizing risk to mission
• Conducting appropriate review of potential environmental impacts of all Federal actions

Operational readiness is the hallmark of the Marine Corps and environmental compliance is the key to sustaining and enhancing mission readiness and access to training environments. 

This environmental reference collection has been compiled to aid the public in reviewing our key legally-enforceable documents resulting from statutory or regulatory process as well as other policies that inform Camp Blaz decision-making. Although the documents are not meant to be an exhaustive library, we will endeavor to regularly update the collection over time as more agreements or consultations with relevant agencies are completed.

Marine relocation executive reference collection
Topic of Interest Reference Title Chapter/Section*
  • Range Purpose/Need
  • Range Alternatives/Selection
  • Range Orientation/Layout
  • Off-shore Fishing Impacts
2015 Final Supplemental  EIS LFTRC Alts (2/57-91), Land & Submerged Land Use (5/342-346), Recreational Resources
2015  Record of Decision Entire (1-28)
2013  LFTRC Alt Analysis Report Entire (1/1-8, 2/1-21, 3/1-27)
  • Access to Cultural Sites
2011 Programmatic Agreement Entire excl signatures (1-37)
2014  Public Access Plan Entire excl sites, PA & appendices (1-10)
  • Protection of Native Threatened & Endangered Species/Habitat
Biological Opinion

Conservation Measures (36-46, 157-159, 163, App B)
Biological Opinion
Conservation Measures (35-50, 143-145)
Biological Opinion Annual Report
Entire (1-19)
GMK MOA Amendment
Entire (1-2)
  • Socioeconomics
2015 Final
EXSUM (ES1-11)
  • Historic Preservation/ Cultural Resources Impacts/ Mitigation
2011 Programmatic Agreement Entire excl signatures (1-37)
2015 Range
Mitigation Plan
Entire (1-12, App A, App B)
2015 Training Range Review & Analysis LFTRC Alts (11-76)
  • SDZ Establishment
2014 Guam Military Training & Readiness Act Entire (1-5)
  • Guam Cultural Repository
2015 EAC Implementation Plan EXSUM (4), Projects (4-5),
Mitigation Details (24-29)
  • Other Commitments
2011 GBU
Four Pillars Letter
Entire (1)
2013 CMCC
Operating Charter
Entire excl signatures & appendices (1-18)
  • Summary of Public Concerns
2017 Resolution
Entire (1-5)
2017 Bordallo-SECDEF Letter Entire (1-3)
Additional Resources: 2010 Final EIS EXSUM (ES1-59)
Record of Decision
Summ, Public Involvment, LFTRC Alts (1-22), Impacts (32-75), Comment Response (106-108), Trg Rqmts (122-141)