Checking In

Upon Recept of orders to marine corps base camp blaz

Marines with orders to Guam will receive a welcome email from the administrative chief at Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz. This email will provide the service member with resources to aid in the transition to Guam. This will also include the contact information to an assigned sponsor who will assist the inbound Marine and their families. Lodging upon arrival to Guam will be booked on the behalf of inbound Marines by their sponsor. The inbound Marine will work with their current administration section to coordinate air travel via the Patriot Express. 

Unaccompanied/single members (E-4 and below) must reside in assigned bachelor quarters, unless otherwise authorized by the local housing authority on Guam.

Please note that since Guam is considered a U.S. territory, a passport is not required to include an area clearance. However, an Overseas Screening (NAVMED 1300/2) must be completed prior to departure.

Contact the assigned command sponsor prior to departure and after arrival at the number provided or at (671) 689-8565.

Marines meet their designated sponsors at the visitor arrival waiting area at the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport past baggage claim and U.S. Customs. 

Bring the following when reporting in:
1. Original Orders to include Web Orders
2. Airline invoices/itineraries
3. Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) invoices - Applicable for members who shipped a vehicle
4. Receipts - i.e. Pet quarantine, Hotel
5. Marriage/Birth Certificate - If you were married or had a child birth in route to Guam, ensure you bring the Marriage/birth certificate.
6. The following uniforms: Service Alphas, Service Charlies, Dress Blue Alphas, Dress Blue Bravos, Dress Blue Deltas, Woodland MARPAT (sleeves up year round), PT Gear.


Marines with dependents currently have the option to reside on either On-Base Housing or receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). Allowance rates can be found using the OHA calculator. The process for any housing begins with the online Application for Assignment to Housing (DD Form 1746).    
Upon arrival to Guam, all Marines will check in with the Anderson Air Force Base Housing Office to discuss housing options. If a Marine elects to apply for OHA, the Housing Office will work with families to complete all required documents. This includes a mandatory site inspection and lease agreement review. Marines inbound to Guam should never enter a lease agreement prior to working with the housing office. This may result in the Marine entering a lease agreement without the approval by the Housing Office to receive OHA. Once all required documents are completed and OHA is approved by the Housing Office, the Camp Blaz administration section will begin the process to ensure the allowance is started for the service member. Families should note that the process to begin OHA is not instant and will take weeks before it is reflected on the members pay. The administration section can assist with the request to receive Advanced OHA after the OHA has been approved in the system. 
On-Base Housing is provided at either Naval Base Guam at North Tipalao which is roughly 45-60 minutes from Camp Blaz or at Andersen Air Force Base, which is 15-20 minutes from Camp Blaz. 


Privately Owned Vehicles

Marines have the option to either ship one vehicle or have it stored at the government's expense. If a Marine chooses to have a vehicle shipped to Guam at the government's expense, the cost to store a vehicle in the continental U.S. will not be covered. Also, if a Marine chooses to have their vehicle stored at the government's expense, the cost to ship a vehicle to Guam will not be covered.
To begin the process for a privately owned vehicle, visit PCS My POV.  

School options in Guam

The Joint Region Marianas School Liaison section serves as the primary liaison between community schools, commanders, and military parents. They also help with assisting families with school issues while also coordinating with local school systems. Visit the School Liaison Website for more information. 



Andersen Elementary School (PreK-5th grade) …………………. 671-366-1511

Andersen Middle School (6th-8th grade) …………………....…… 671-366-3880



Commander McCool Elementary/

Middle School(PreK-8th grade) ……………………………...……. 671-339-8676



Guam High School (9th-12th grade) ………………………..…….. 671-344-7410


Public Schools: Guam Department of Education or 671-475-0457.

Private Schools: Listed on the Joint Region Marianas School Liaison website



Marines with pets should begin working with their administration section to secure pet spots on the Patriot Express as soon as possible. Families should be prepared to pay mandatory pet quarantine fees upon arrival to Guam. The mandatory quarantine of a household pet, are reimbursable not to exceed $550 per PCS move for pets. Ticketing and travel expenses for pets are not covered and must be paid by the owner. Pet spaces on the Patriot Express are very limited with a reservation limit of two pets per family. Visit the AMC Pet Travel Page for more information. The Guam Military Pet Information Facebook Page is also a valuable resource. 
Guam is a rabies-free territory. In order to maintain a rabies-free status, Guam has instituted a quarantine law designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the presence and spread of rabies. Andersen Pet Lodge on the Air Force Base provides a convenient alternative to off-base quarantine facilities. The pet lodge will provide pet transportation from the plane upon arrival to the quarantine facility. Visit the Andersen Pet Lodge website for more information. 

Unit address

Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz
NCTS Finegayan, Dededo, Guam
PSC 488 Box 105 FPO, AP 96537-0149