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From left to right, Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Blaz staff Leanah Oledan, a recreation assistant, Raelene Tajalle, the Marine Corps Community Services semper fit director, and Brandon Salas, a recreation assistant, pose in front of MCB Camp Blaz’s High Intensity Tactical Training center located on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, April 15, 2024. MCB Camp Blaz is focusing on the health and readiness of the Marines and Sailors, setting the standards for future units to come. (Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ryan Little)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ryan Little

Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz HITT Center & Fitness Programs

23 Apr 2024 | Lance Cpl. Ryan Little Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz

Physical fitness is a pillar in the Marine Corps. Whether it be a rigorous bootcamp, high expectations for annual testing or strict requirements in maintaining performance in a combat setting, the Marine Corps has always made fitness a priority. Without the high standards that Marines hold themselves to, the Marine Corps would not be a lethal fighting force.

Injuries and possible health issues are bound to come as a result of intense physical training, and this is why Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Blaz is shaping its future around the readiness and health of Marines and Sailors.

Camp Blaz's High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) facility attached to the dining facility on North Ramp, Andersen Air Force Base consists of two outdoor HITT lockers with various equipment, four full racks and benches, various sizes of more than 22 sets of kettlebells, two sleds, more than 10 Olympic barbells, two row machines and echo bikes, as well as a variety of flexibility/agility equipment such as ladders, bands, and hurdles. It is open 24-hours, so Camp Blaz Marines and Sailors working on North Ramp can find time to work out regardless of their busy schedules.

The attached, state-of-the-art dining facility is set to open in August of this year, and it has been designed with efficiency in mind. The dining facility includes a “To-Go” line, so Marines and Sailors are able to pick up food without having to wait in long lines or sit down in the chow hall if they are on a time crunch. The ability to refuel ones’ body after an intense workout is essential to recovery and nutrition ultimately helps Marines and Sailors gain and maintain muscle.

Raelene Tajalle, the MCCS Semper Fit Director, and a native of Tamuning, Guam, has been a vital asset in the opening the HITT facility.

“HITT facilities are set up to align with the Marine Corps Total Fitness Warrior Athlete Readiness and Resilience (WARR) Program – ‘Prevention in Real Life,’” said Raelene. “[This] is a holistic approach that encompasses four foundational pillars: physical fitness, mental fitness, spiritual fitness and social fitness.”

Along with assisting Marines and Sailors properly fuel their bodies and work, it’s important to not only fix injuries but prevent them entirely. Also, available to Common Access Card Holders a is newly renovated gym located on Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, MCB Camp Blaz. This facility is open 24 hours and includes trainers available to lead group workout sessions, assist Marines with nutritional health, and lead Marines in physical therapy to prevent or recover injuries.

“The MCCS Semper Fit team here at Camp Blaz incorporates a movement-based approach when conducting physical fitness. We focus on training movements that simulate the Marines operational tasks with a high focus on the movement preparation phase which includes dynamic movement and flexibility exercises that prepare the Marines for the demands of the training session,” said Raelene. “It’s purposeful training that includes multiple joint, and multi-planar movement patterns.”

A physically active and fit Marine Corps is crucial to our fighting force. This is why MCB Camp Blaz is focusing on the health and readiness of the Marines and Sailors, setting the standards for future units to come.